"Maybe I should wear a mustache, too. Or cat whiskers…."
"Well, if you think that will help your act, I say go for it."

b’aww Phoenix you’re such a supportive dad


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"Yes, I know a lot about animals. I am a licensed veterinarian."

ahdsfoihasdf he’s so done


Olympic National Park, Washington

"On my trip up north to Washington, we discovered a very unique location in Olympic National Park," says Your Shot community member Justin Jong, who took this photo in the Washington State park. “I couldn’t believe my eyes when we first arrived. This was something so out of this world, and nothing I’d expect to find in the U.S.A. We only had an hour to explore before sundown. We immediately fell in love with this rain forest and the feeling we got being inside.”

"(Great, now I have crybabies in stereo…)"


good thing it’s inner monologue

also i can’t believe Blackquill straight-up told Sasha that Phoenix and Athena would ABANDON HER like wtf dude that is terrible

"So, Mr. Nick, was I helpful?"
"Yes, you were. Thank you very much, Pearls."

i rly love that Pearl still calls him “Mr. Nick” and he still calls her “Pearls”

aw Apollo’s so excited to have something to do finally

hdfioasdphfsodi Athena just threw water at Blackquill

what are you even doing

"I guess prosecutors these days are more about harsh monochrome than fancy frills…."


i’m loving all the little character references

can we pls make a Maya ref tho

make me choose: 
agent-jemmasimmons asked: Fitzsimmons or Tripsimmons 
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Who doesn’t like flowers?