The Doctor and Clara Oswald in ‘The Forest of the Night’.

you’ll find me in the rain; a nano 2014  mix

"hello, Darcy Moss? i believe i have your phone."

and so it begins

probably about soulmates, and multiverses, and getting it wrong a million different ways. a romance, but not necessarily with a happy ending.

WHAT DO YOU GO HOME TO? - EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY [instrumental] | MAKE LOVE TO ME FOREVER - SNOW PATROL [but there’s so much wrong but there’s so much right] | WALLS - STARS [tell me how i sleep tell me how i wake up tell me how i dream] | THE ASH IS IN OUR CLOTHES - SLEEPING AT LAST [instrumental] | ONE RED THREAD - BLIND PILOTS [but man oh man you can do what you want] | LORELAI - FLEET FOXES [i was old news to you then] | THE FIRST DAYS OF SPRING - NOAH AND THE WHALE [for i do believe that everyone has one chance to fuck up their lives] | SUNSET - THE XX [the way we act like strangers] | OCEANS - COLDPLAY [meet me in the rain] | THE STRENGTH IT TAKES TO RECOVER (IS NOT OUR OWN) - SLEEPING AT LAST [instrumental]


yeah, that’s how you think, isn’t it?


Leo Fitz in 2x04

"It seems to be happening a lot recently doesn’t it. There seems to be a lot of episodes where they are falling out. I think it’s just teething. It’s the two of them getting to know each other again and finding a way with one another. I’m sure they will figure it out although he isn’t an easy man to get on with but they love each other very much so I’m sure they will work it out."


Jenna Coleman

When you leave, do you think you will leave by getting angry at The Doctor?

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I love that Jenna basically calls bullshit on the idea that the Doctor or Clara would ever willingly give each other up. Perfection.

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a baguette in the butt would be a pain in the ass

i’m unlearning french

"Peter (Capaldi) makes me laugh a lot because he’s always getting lost, so you can’t keep your eyes off him for two minutes or else he goes off for a wander and also on set, part of the runner’s job is to keep their eyes on us so they know where in the building Peter and I are at any one time so it’s a fun game to try and lose them and run away. And also, I learn’t you can hide in a Dalek which no-one ever thinks to look in so that’s a fun game."

  - Jenna Coleman talking about the fun of working on Doctor Who with Peter (via kitt66)

The Clara Oswald tongue poke.

as a companion piece to this by request

Who are you? That’s what I want to know.